The Village

“It takes a village to raise a child. -African Proverb

We have all heard it when we start talking about raising children. Most of the time when it is said we don’t realize the truth behind it.. Or even the weight being a part of someone’s “village” carries.The village goes beyond family. It extends to friends, teachers, caregivers, neighbors and church family. If you are directly involved in a child’s life YOU have a responsibility to love, protect, and teach!

I have been thinking about people who play such a vital role in our lives. Some of these people prayed unceasingly for us to have children, some of them have helped us through tough times, some literally assist us in raising our boys. I am thankful for the amazing people put in our lives to be part of it. Each person has certain qualities that I want my kids to have and they are the best people in the world to teach them. As my children get older, they will need good people to teach them how to be good, honest, and loyal. The best example falls on mine and my husbands shoulders, no doubt, but children need to see those essential qualities in others as well.

“The village” is so needed in this day and age. Evil is everywhere. Bad things are happening everyday. But how precious it is to be surrounded by people who want to keep my children safe? People who will constantly point them to Jesus in the midst of chaos?

So take a look at your village. Thank them for being a part of it. Let them know that you appreciate them. And in return, be an essential part of their village.

Being a teacher, I always feel the weight of my responsibility for every child I teach. I realize that their parent has given me their most precious possession. These parents not only expect me to teach their children academics, they desire for their babies to be loved and cherished. As a Christian, I want every child that walks into my classroom to feel the love of Jesus without me even having to say His name.

Even if you don’t have a child or work in the field of education, please know that there are children and families that hunger for a good village. I urge you to volunteer in schools or after school programs. Coach a little league team. Investing in the lives of young people will bless you tremendously.

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