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January 18, 2022

From the desk of Eric Neal

Infrastructure! Infrastructure! Infrastructure!

It’s a term you often hear, politician love to scream it and lord knows every campaign in history has talked about infrastructure and the need for improvement.  Unfortunately a lot of the time infrastructure is something that is talked about and the drum beaten for it, but takes a backseat when the budget process starts.

Core Values– What should the City be doing?

As we begin the inaugural “From the desk of Eric Neal” blog, I want to clearly state my intentions for writing this blog. I will not be writing this blog to use as a political tool. I will not be attempting to stir controversy or promote my viewpoints on political issues. Rather, I am undertaking

From the desk of Eric Neal – Introduction

For quite some time I have considered the idea of writing a blog about the city from the perspective of a current City Commissioner.   One thing that I have learned in the last two years of being your mayor is that a lot of what we do in city government is either so boring

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