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October 19, 2021

Wiley College Athletes greet children on first day of school

Wiley College athletes helped make students in the Marshall area’s first day of school a little brighter, as they welcomed them back.

The men’s basketball team greeted students and gave out Wiley College pencils at Price T. Young Middle School. Coach Jameus Hartsfield said it was a valuable experience for his athletes.

“We stood in place as a figure for so many fathers who weren’t able to carry their sons to school on the first day,” Hartsfield said.

Members of the Wiley College baseball team went to George Washington Carver Elementary and Sam Houston Middle School to greet students.

“It shows the community that our athletes are here for more than just Wiley,” Biggs said. It shows the character of our players, helping younger kids look forward to the future.”

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