Dog focused book makes for a good read

41wjiLyjZZL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_A Review on All Dogs Go To Kevin by Dr. Jessica Vogelsang

Dr. Jessica Vogelsang uses the gifts that were bestowed upon her – to help, care and nurture animals back to health – and weaves in a mosaic of tales – not tails – that not only touches a reader’s heart strings, but the reader’s soul.

There are no lightening bolt, dramatic turn of events to capture the reader’s attention in All Dogs Go To Kevin. What grabs the reader by the “shirt collar,” is that the experiences that Vogelsang shares is that they are accessible, easy to read and most readers can relate.

All of us at some point in time have had a pet or we know someone who had a pet that was important in their lives or our lives. For Dr. Vogelsang, we have got Taffy, Emmett and Kekoa. Each dog was a different breed and had different personalities, yet each dog was there during a specific series of events that helped Dr. V develop into the individual she is today.

You will feel a gamut of emotions while reading the pages – love, fear, grief, anxiety, frustration, laughter and even grief as Dr. V does in regards to each animal.

You think all dog books are alike? Each one has the basic summary, right? Nope. Dr. V’s book takes the story on different journey than expected.

My favorite quote from the whole book – when Dr. V was having a hard time after the birth of her child, and she could put on a front with her family, it was her dog who knew her best. “You can fool yourself, you can fool your friends and family, but you can’t fool a dog who knows only what he sees,” she wrote.

Then there is Kevin. Kevin is her best friend in the human world … His connection to the dogs and Dr. V, well, you will just have to pick the book up. It is worth the read and then some. – by Becky Holland,

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