Harrison County Emergency Management warns of rising flood waters

Rising flood waters are happening at Caddo Lake. (Internet Photo)

From the Harrison County Sheriff’s Office, Lt. Jay Webb

HARRISON COUNTY – Harrison County Emergency Management officials are warning residents of  Caddo Lake that the National Weather Service is predicting another increase in flood waters for the area.

On May 2, the NOAA website indicated that the current level of the lake is 174.4’ above sea level. The predicted rise by Tuesday is 178’ above sea level on Tuesday, and is classified as a major flood.

The March flood level was approximately 180’ above sea level. The flood projection is for the water level to crest on Wednesday night, and to slowly subside throughout the week, however the water level will remain at a moderate flood stage.

Residents are warned that the water will rise rapidly and anyone that is in a flooded area should leave as quickly as possible taking medications and pets.

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