From Texas Rangers’ games to TSTC graduations, he sings

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Devin Crandell singing at a Texas Rangers’ baseball game. (Crandell Photos)

By Becky Holland,

MARSHALL – Devin Crandell, 51, and his wife, Teresa, have seen many challenges in life – from dealing with Teresa’s health condition to the fateful day in 2004 when the Crandells’ lives changed completely, and almost tragically.

It is a day that Devin and Teresa won’t forget, and neither will their children. The family was in their home – in the dining and kitchen area, when all of a sudden a van drove through the front window and went through the kitchen. The damages to the home were about $50 thousand.

The Crandells, remarkably, weren’t injured. Both Crandells credit God for keeping them safe. Their faith is very important to the Crandells.

And faith is what led Devin Crandell to follow a passion of his – singing. Crandell, who is an HVAC/Controller at East Texas Baptist University, is well-known for his music talents and is a much requested singer for events, including various banquets, athletic events and other programs.

He even performed regularly the National Anthem at Texas Ranger baseball games for about 10 years.

His musical career began when he attended San Juan College. “I wanted to play the guitar, but the head of the music department explained that there wasn’t any guitar classes available … She asked me if I could sing, and played a few chords on the piano,” Crandell said. “Then she told me I was going to sing in her choir.”

When he auditioned to perform for the Texas Rangers, there were 250 applicants, which included choruses, quartets and individuals. It was going to be a live audition. “We were all auditioning … There were only going to be 60 slots available.” Crandell got one of the slots. He would sing several times a year for the games. “Sometimes, I would be on call, and prepared to sing just in case something happened to those celebrities who might have been scheduled to sing,” Crandell said. “In fact, that is how I got to see the Yankees play the Rangers.”

Besides regularly performing the National Anthem, Crandell sings other songs, including at church and other events. After singing the “National Anthem” as many times as he has, one had to wonder if he ever forgot the words. Crandell laughed, “No, but one time I put in an extra word.” Singing publicly is something Crandell does to give back and not for credit.

“God has opened up so many doors, and really blessed us,” Crandell said.

Teresa said, “No matter what we have gone through, God has not once not met our needs.”

When asked if he had a favorite song, Crandell thought. “Suddenly by Alvin Slaughter.”

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