The Bowie Street 12 are reported in good condition

13010680_817540455045197_5641114700927825935_nFrom Staff Reports,

MARSHALL – The Bowie Street 12 – the abandoned puppies that were thrown outside a car window late Monday night during the rain storm in the 1600 block of East Bowie Street – are doing well.

The puppies – believed to have been just a few hours old and possible Pitbulls – were found in an overturned box in a ditch that was filled with water by Marshall Police Department officers after a group of concerned citizens called it in. The citizens saw the box thrown from a car window.

With limited financial and physical resources, Marshall’s Animal Control Officers rely on volunteers. So, calls were made that night and pleas were put out on social media for help. One volunteer took the 12 puppies in for the night. The puppies required lots of attention and special care, which included  hourly bottle feeding.

Tuesday morning, the Louisiana Baby Mommas Rescue group picked up the puppies. The group is a non-profit 12993386_817472748385301_2886209629802962331_n501c3 organization that started out as a division of Texas Star Rescue and now the group specializes in rescuing puppies that often require around the clock monitoring and bottle feeding as well as pregnant small-breed dogs.

Tuesday afternoon, pictures were posted on the group’s Facebook page, and it was reported that the Bowie Street 12 were doing well. “Everyone seems to be doing good,” administrators of the LaBabyMommas reported on the group’s Facebook page.

The car that was seen dumping the puppies in Marshall was not able to be identified.

10570347_798226550309921_5908417507003574689_nIf you would like to help with the care of the Bowie Street 12 with monetary donations or product donations, the TSR LA Baby Mommas have a Facebook page that includes a list of items needed for the group’s work.

Those wanting to specifically give to the Bowie Street 12 can specifically donate for them. Puppy milk, blankets, bottles, nipples, syringes, blankets, wash cloths and towels can be used.

For info on TSR LA Baby Mommas visit, contact Jean Williams Johnson (318) 286-6692 or email

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