Marshall rehab facility born out of woman’s jail ministry

652cfdea9b70679384f7ca02ea43082bBy Becky Holland,

MARSHALL – ‘From Bondage To Freedom House in Marshall’ is a second chance home for referrals from rehab centers, detox centers, halfway houses, local judges, probation officers and parole officers in the Ark-La-Tex area. According to Marilyn Philips, executive director, “We also accept walk-ins, probationers and CPS cases. Our program is 12 months, and we have had six successful graduates since we opened in 2010.”

“I have been doing jail ministry in Gregg County since 2001,” Phillips said, “and one day, I asked the ladies in jail why they keep coming back. You see the same faces every time you visit.”

What Phillips was told really touched her. “Most of them told me because they had no where else to go. Sometimes, the people that love you have to show ‘tough love,’” she said.

“Just because we love our family members doesn’t mean we have to continue to be enablers,” Phillips said. In 2010, Phillips met Margot Lingold. “We talked about the need for a long-term place for women.”

Based in Marshall, Phillips said, “We have had women from Longview, Tyler, Texarkana, Jefferson and Shreveport.”

According to Phillips, the ministry “covers any area when a lady shows sincere desire to get clean, but stay clean. Our volunteer staff come from Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and Celebrate Recovery programs.”

“If you’ve never been an alcoholic or addicted to drugs, your mindset says ‘all you gotta do is stop.’ For addictive people, it is not always that simple,” Phillips said.

“We ask the question, ‘do you know God?’” she said.

For more information about From Bondage to Freedom House, call 903-331-6192,

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