Did you really wait in line for an hour to pick up your child?

With the opening of the brand new Marshall Junior High School this week there has been a lot of controversy about the traffic flow. We have read many social media posts about how long people had to wait in line to drop off their kids or even pick them up.

So we would like to hear from you! In the comments below tell us how things have improved, or not, in the 1st week of school.For example how long did you wait to drop off on Monday and how long did you wait on Friday?

However, I would like to challenge on how we describe the pick-up time. Again we have heard comments like “I waited in-line for 60 mins to pick-up my child”. However, if the school only gets out at 3 pm and you arrived at 2:15 pm and drove out the school property at 3:15 pm did you really wait in line for 60 mins? Or did you arrive 45 mins early and actually only wait 15mins to pick up your child? Just a question.

Also if you have criticism then please at least make it construction by offering a solution.

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