One mobile home blown 100 feet during Harrison County storm

By Becky Holland,

HARRISON COUNTY- Rain, high winds, lightening and flooding came strong through Harrison County beginning mid-afternoon, and worsened in the late evening hours Friday and Saturday.

Reports are of heavy wind damage, including a few trees in the roadways. One home has been reported in the Hwy 43 area with a tree through the roof. Even as the PWN goes to press now, the rain and thunder continues.

Around 1:30-2 a.m., Lt. Jay Webb of the Harrison County Sheriff’s Office reported to the PWN that it appeared Harrison County had about “five rotations and we were put under tornado warnings all through the night and early morning.”  Webb also said that “as far as we could tell in the darkness only one home with an occupant inside was carried 100 feet.”

No further storm updates are available at this time.

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