Marshall Police Department – 2017 Crime Stats

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While pulling the crime statistics for 2017, it was discovered that the statistics the Campa Administration released to the public for 2016 did not match our records submitted to the federal government. The factual statistics were submitted to the federal government; however, stats showing less crime reports were released to the public and media. The release in January of 2017 regarding the 2016 statistics stated that there were 2,417 crimes reported in 2016 when there were actually 2,691.

Currently, the Marshall Police Department, with the help of the citizens of Marshall, saw a reduction in crimes reported overall for the 2017 statistics compared to 2016. There were a total of 2,653 crimes reported in 2017; a one percent drop from the 2,691 crimes reported in 2016. One of the areas of crime with a major decline was the number of homicides. There was one homicide in 2017, whereas, in 2016 there were three. In 2017, bicycle thefts declined by 100 percent with zero reports as opposed to the five in 2016. Persistent patrolling, education about how to prevent or reduce vehicle burglaries and the watchful eyes of citizens also played a part in the number of auto burglaries decreasing by 14 percent in 2017.

The factual statistics for the previous years are as follows:
2014 – 2,572 crimes reported; 9.69% decrease from 2013.
2015 – 2,597 crimes reported; 0.97% increase from 2014.
2016 – 2,691 crimes reported; 3.62% increase from 2015.
2017 – 2,653 crimes reported; 1.41% decrease from 2016.

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