MFD Chief Reggie Cooper talks about strategic plan.

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Marshall Fire Chief: ‘Having a clear and understood path vital in success’

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Fire Chief Reggie Cooper (City of Marshall Photo)
Fire Chief Reggie Cooper (City of Marshall Photo)

For those who are interested in politics and governmental policies, the phrase ‘strategic plan’ is not new. In fact, in the last five or six years, it is has been a ‘trending phrase.’

Leaders in schools, universities, local, state, national and international governments and corporations spend much of their time at the beginning of the ‘year’ or a ‘term’ planning. A part of the planning process is putting down in ink protocols and goals – hence the term, ‘strategic plan.’

Local department heads for government, education and industry were asked a set of questions regarding strategic plans. As they return answers via email, the Piney Woods News will publish. The first in the series were answers from City Manager Lisa Agnor from Marshall and Marshall Police Department Chief Jesus “Eddie” Campa.

Marshall Fire Chief Reggie Cooper said, “Throughout all of my training, and with all of the life skills I’ve learned, having a clear and understood path was always vital in achieving success.”

“So, the thought process was very early on in my administrative life. I began the process of building our plan immediately following my interim status January of 2014, and included my staff and some key firefighters to aggressively build our plan,” Cooper said.

“It was that important to me. I have an awesome crew that supported the idea, and was very instrumental in very professionally completing the task,” Cooper added.

In defining the strategic plan, and its purpose, Cooper said, “The strategic plan is a plan that identifies many attributes and deficiencies an organization has in order to enhance or correct in moving that organization forward.

He said, “It affords the opportunities for so much including direction and efficiency.”

As per the benefits of the plan in the daily operations of the Marshall Fire Department, Cooper said, “The plan has a strong impact on our department in so many ways.”

“As we have approached our daily, monthly, short and long term issues and desires it’s been very helpful in presenting various cases,” Cooper added.

“It’s been amazing how on task our needs and requests have been directly tied to our plan. The great thing is that we built a solid yet livable plan that allows for adjustments, improvements, innovation and such,” Cooper said.

To see a copy of the Marshall Fire Department’s strategic plan, click here.

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