City departments call strategic plan a playbook

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Jesus "Eddie" Campa (Marshall Police Chief) (City of Marshall Photos)
Jesus “Eddie” Campa (Marshall Police Chief) (City of Marshall Photos)

MARSHALL – City, county, schools, universities and big corporations, at the beginning of the year or a term, put together what most call a strategic plan.

Many citizens don’t understand what one is. Strategic planning has been a trending phrase for years now.

The question was posed to the Piney Woods News by a reader about strategic plans of various entities in Harrison County – do they have a strategic plan, when did you put your plan together, why a strategic plan, how is a strategic plan a benefit to the operation of your area and what does a citizen need to know about a plan?

So, the PWN decided to find those answers by submitting those questions to officials and administrators and department heads of some of Marshall and Harrison County’s governing, educational and business entities. We also added a question – ‘in the plan, what has been the biggest accomplishment.’

As answers are submitted back by email, those answers will be published.

Lisa Agnor, city manager of the City of Marshall, submitted a copy of the city of Marshall’s strategic plan, and stated that the commissioners approved this plan in April of 2016. Click here for a copy of this plan. Depending on your system, be aware, it may take a little while to load.

On page six of the plan, the City of Marshall defined strategic planning as “a clear statement of where the city is going and how it intends to get there. It includes a vision, a description of the mission of the organization, a set of principles (values) that will guide actions, a set of multi-year goals that guide decisions, objectives and strategies for each goal, and a plan for implementation and accountability.”

In answering our questions, Marshall Police Chief Jesus “Eddie” Campa stated that the Marshall Police Department has a strategic plan.”

Campa wrote he put his plan together in 2015. When asked why a strategic plan, Campa said, “It is a playbook for the future.” Campa said that a strategic plan benefits the operation of the police department because “It is used as a guide.”

What does a citizen need to know about the strategic plan for the Marshall Police Department? Chief Campa said, “That we have a plan and are not just flying blind.”

In the Marshall Police Department’s strategic plan, Campa was asked to name the biggest accomplishment. He said, “A stronger than ever community relationship and support from our community … We have built a bridge of trust.”

The Marshall Police Department’s Strategic Plan can be found by clicking here.

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