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October 22, 2021

Internet Purchase Exchange locations

Internet Purchase Exchange locations

Internet Purchase Exchange locations

As the holiday season approaches, the Marshall Police Department would like to remind citizens that we have two parking spaces dedicated as Internet Purchase Exchange locations.

These parking spaces are located in the public parking lot at 2101 East End Blvd. North and allow for individuals to safely meet and complete purchases of products sold online.

Chief Jesus “Eddie” Campa stated, “We encourage our community to utilize these places in order to ensure the safety of both buyer and seller during these transactions. Please don’t meet strangers at private residences or in areas that you are unfamiliar with.”

While officers will not be assigned to facilitate or monitor the transactions, the parking spaces are located in a well-lit area with 24-hour recorded surveillance. Any reluctance by either party to meet in the Marshall Police Department parking lot should be taken as a warning sign about the legitimacy of the sale. A buyer/seller that will communicate only via email, will not provide a telephone number, or attempts to make a last minute change in venue should make you reconsider following through with the purchase.

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