Hallsville man makes magic real in city development

Brandon Sheffield, and his wife Cody, have five children. (Sheffield Family/Photos)

HALLSVILLE – At first glance, Brandon Sheffield, 34, looks like typical east Texas husband, father and businessman. He has the walk and the talk of the stereotypical Texan – with a little swagger and a strong demeanor.

But then, when Sheffield, who is married and a father of five children, starts talking about the city he has adopted as his hometown, projects that could help the city progress, his family, his business and people who work for him, and about magic, you notice something different.

Sheffield, as many in the city of Hallsville will say, is a cut above the rest.

He is a manager/supervisor of the Hallsville Sonic, and serves as a city commissioner. He is also been instrumental in revamping the Hallsville Chamber of Commerce, as well as is a volunteer in the school district. Last summer’s Movie Night at the Park project that Hallsville residents enjoyed was a Sheffield’s brainchild. “I got on Facebook and asked people what they might think, and before I knew we had volunteers and a lot of positive feedback, and then I went back on and said this is what I need to make this happen, and people started volunteering and giving us things,” Sheffield smiled.

In the year that Sheffield has been a commissioner, Hallsville has seen upgrades to the city park,  increase of city-wide events, re-established a chamber of commerce and has seen other structural improvements.

The city park improvements have happened in stages. “With the amphitheater, we are hoping to bring in more activities, including having some of the college theater groups come in and do Shakespeare in the Park type of events, and we want to get our playground equipment upgraded,” he said.

“The community of Hallsville is so amazing, and supportive 100 percent of everything so far,” Sheffield said.

Sheffield also entertains in the schools and community with magic. “I remember seeing this guy do magic on television, and thought if he could do it, I could.” Sheffield discovered that learning the magic tricks weren’t that easy. (See one of Sheffield’s tricks on the Piney Woods News You Tube Channel at https://youtu.be/MGP333xo9Ls.)

Another way that Sheffield has helped the community is through an establishment of a ‘good news’ blog. The blog, which is called Smile Hallsville, can be found at http://smilehallsville.wordpress.com.

“I have just been highlighting positive people and events,” Sheffield said. “People will give me names or ideas, and I will talk with them, and write a little paragraph or two, or even a page on the people.”

He said that, “I don’t think the good things are highlighted enough around here by media, and we seem to be bombarded by just negative things.”

“We are very close-knit community in Hallsville – I guess we are sort of like Mayberry from the Andy Griffith show. We are small but we are supportive of each other,” Sheffield explained.

“Life is too short to worry about negative things,” Sheffield said. “We are blessed, and I just choose every day to focus on the good things.”

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