“Good morning, sunshine” Sonic employee has lots to shine about

By Brandon Sheffield, http://smilehallsville.wordpress.com

HALLSVILLE – Good morning sunshine! That phrase echoes through out the Sonic Drive In of Hallsville every morning from 6 a.m. until 11a.m., Monday through Friday.

It is usually followed with a smile and her usual ending of “have a blessed day.”

Joann Prosise works the drive-thru at Sonic in Hallsville. (Photo Brandon Sheffield)
Joann Prosise works the drive-thru at Sonic in Hallsville. (Photo Brandon Sheffield)

Joann Prosise has seen it all, and has been through it all. She has been on both sides of life, the downside and the upside, yet she is still here. Smiling, laughing, and inspiring people to be happier.

Life has given her more than a few reasons to throw in the towel, give up, become bitter, and mad. Yet for some reason, that hasn’t happened, instead she has strengthened her faith, and came through on the other side. 

I’ve seen her grow as a person over the last two years. Transforming her self inside and out! Becoming more patient and understanding, and working so hard to lose over 94 pounds in less than a year! To the point where I almost envy her resolve. How does she do it? 

Her customer service is second to none. I pride myself on my customer service and I believe she may have even surpassed me. 

She is as funny, honest, and out spoken as she is nice. I have called her the Asian Madea for years, and it fits. Go watch any of the Tyler Perry movies with his alter ego “Madea” and you will see pieces of Joann in them!

She is infectious with her little sayings, her smile, and her kindness! To the point that now when customers pull up to the drive thru in the mornings, they are greeting us with “good morning sunshine!” Before we even say anything! 

I’ve worked with lots of people that could “turn it on” when they were in front of customers, and the minute the customer was gone. The smile and friendliness was gone as well. 

But Joann?

 Joann is the same person from the moment she answers the speaker to say hello, to the moment she clocks out for the day. 

So when you come to the Sonic in Hallsville and Joann is working, give some of the positivity back to her, maybe even give her a big “good morning sunshine!” Before she gives it to you! 

A little Q&A with Joann 

  1. What do you do, to work every day with such a positive attitude? 

I say a quick prayer, get out the door and know that my customers are going to make my day great! 

  1. If you get a little down, what do you do, to get back up? 

I remember my blessings, my customers, and family! God is good! 

  1. Why is it important to you, to treat customers so wonderfully? 

I just want to treat people the way that I want to be treated!! 

  1. What is your favorite part of the day? 

At this age, I’m just happy to wake up!! It’s a blessing that some people take for granted

  1. Why do you think it’s hard to people to grasp great customer service? 

It’s all about their attitude and how they perceive life. Some people will never get it, and some people are born with it. You have to have a servant’s heart!

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