Gohmert on ‘Political Realignment’ on Capitol Hill

Congressman Louie Gohmert (TX-01) talked to Stuart Varney on his Fox Business program regarding the ‘political realignment’ and President Trump’s new negotiating tactics.

He stated, “If the president hadn’t used this new alignment you are talking about – to get the debt ceiling, to get the short-term CR, we would be haggling about the debt ceiling for the next two or three weeks …”

Congressman Gohmert continued, “He [President Trump] cleared the deck where we still have a shot to do a repeal, reform – something to get people help on Obamacare. He’s a smart negotiator. He knew what needed to be done. It cleared the deck. We’ve still got a shot on Obamacare. Some of us have been continuing to put the pressure on … [Speaker of the House] Paul Ryan tells me: ‘we’ve got them working behind the scenes to put as much pressure.’ I said: ‘we’ve got to go in front of the scenes and put the pressure – we’ve got two weeks – we’ve got to get that done. If the president doesn’t do this deal, we don’t have a shot.”

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