The Only People Brave Enough to Vote Out This Corrupt Establishment is You, the American People.”

NEW YORK, NY – Today Donald J. Trump for President released a new television ad entitled “Donald Trump’s Argument for America,” in which Mr. Trump asks the American people for their vote by outlining his positive vision for the future. This ad serves as a part of Mr. Trump’s closing argument to the American people.

“Donald Trump’s Argument for America,” is backed by a 4-million-dollar ad buy, and will appear on national news, entertainment and prime time channels as well as on NFL, NCAA, and NASCAR programming. This ad will also be appearing in major markets in the battleground states of Florida, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Ohio, Michigan, Colorado, Iowa, North Carolina, and New Mexico.

“This is Mr. Trump’s positive closing message to American voters, and it comes at a time when Secretary Clinton has abandoned any positive message of her own. We believe voters are looking to go in a new direction and Mr. Trump is ready to lead this change.” – Jason Miller, Senior Communications Advisor

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