Monday madness occurred with threatening weather, unconfirmed funnels

From Staff Reports

HARRISON COUNTY – Monday saw mostly rain in spots during the day around areas of Harrison County, and after five p.m., things got a little darker, and a little hairy.

Marshall Fire Chief Reggie Cooper, who also serves as the emergency management director, told the PWN, that sometime around 6:22 p.m., the sirens for Marshall and Harrison County were activated. “We started getting notifications from the National Weather Center of tornado warnings northwest of us that could have had an effect on Harrison County and Marshall residents. A tornado warning was issued for those areas, including parts of Harrison County with a 40 mph southeast direction.”

“I made the decision to have the city’s sirens set off as we want to give our citizens ample time to prepare. A possible funnel was later located Walmart, but if it was a tornado, that is unconfirmed at this time,” Cooper said, “We have no reportable damage from the storm that has since continued east of the city. Our emergency personnel, both city and county, remain prepared and on alert.”

According to a statement the PWN received from Lt. Jay Webb of the Harrison County Sheriff’s Office, around 7:30, Harleton citizens were without power.  “Power is out in Harleton. No confirmed tornadoes. Lots of wind and the storm cell is moving at approximately 40 miles an hour toward the Elysian Fields area.”

A little after 8 p.m., Lt. Webb stated that everything looked all clear.

Hallsville Police Chief Paul Montoya, said around 8:50 p.m., “There seems to be no reported damage in the city of Hallsville. We have had no flooding, and our water sewage project has held up extremely well,  and we want to give kudos to water department.” Montonya did say that the area around Firetower Road and Hilltop Road were without electricity but Upshur Rural had been notified.


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