Hallsville mom runs for school board seat

Lindsey HeadshotHALLSVILLE – Real estate agent Lindsey Farnham is running  to fill Place Six on the Hallsville Independent School District’s Board of Trustees. Her opponent in the race is Troy Crafton.

Educated in Kilgore, Farnham, who is married with three children, is employed with Re/Max First Choice Real Estate. She also has her own embroidery business – Mini Me N Stitches.

Her decision to run for the HISD Board of Trustees Place Six centered around the desire to “allow the teachers to feel like they have a voice. Several of my friends on Facebook had commented that I should run for office.”

“I am a past teacher, and I feel like I can relate to what the teachers need and how they feel,” Farnham said, “and I am a mom. We are always up at the schools, and active in supporting the events.”

One of her platforms as a candidate revolves around her concerns of classroom sizes. “Teachers are maxed out. I don’t know if the answer is to hire more teachers or cut down the classroom sizes,” she said.

“I think teachers need a raise in pay for what we are expecting them to do,” Farnham said.

“Education is important – it is the foundation of everything that we do in life,” she said. “A lot of people will voice their opinions about how things should be in government or education, but there is no action taken.”

“Well, here I am,” Farnham said.

Election day is May 7.

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