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September 26, 2021

Marshall Pets of the Week: German Shepherd pair really enjoy being together

Pets of the Week for May 5: Penny and Pepper

Pets of the Week for May 5: Penny and Pepper

From Staff Reports, editor@pineywoods.news

MARSHALL – When you ask Holly Anderson about her family, she will gladly tell about her husband and daughter, and then she will also happily tell you about her two German Shepherds, Penny and Pepper. Penny and Pepper are litter mates- both of them are two and half years of age.

“They love each other, and are constantly with each other … They are very smart, and know exactly what I am thinking,”  Anderson said, seriously with a smile. According to Anderson, Penny and Pepper came to live with her from Roger Garcia. “He breeds Shepherds.”

The dogs enjoy going outside, and ride in the 4×4 recreational vehicle. “They are pretty free range. They are stay with me.”

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