Pictured with Ricardo Kirkland, Freshman Academy Coordinator; Jameus Hartsfield, Associate Athletic Director and Head men's basketball coach; Dr. Joseph L. Morale, Athletic Director and vice president of Student Affairs and Retention Services.

Male student-athletes to mentor freshmen students in the Wildcat Mentoring Program

Male Wiley College student-athletes that are excelling in the classroom will get to help their fellow students have the same success with the creation of the Wildcat Mentoring Program.

Male student-athletes that achieved a 3.0 GPA or higher last year will get to mentor freshmen students who need help academically.

“For us to talk about athletes as mentors is significant,” athletic director Dr. Joseph L. Morale said. “I hope each of you will take your job seriously. You are going to be assigned a freshman that needs your help and probably won’t continue in college unless you make a difference in their life. Think about how many times you can pay it forward. Think about the people who helped you get here today. If you remember those things, you will be able to pour yourself into the person you are assigned.”

The athletes will devote 10 hours per week with mentees for a total of five two hour sessions. The athletic department and the freshman Success Academy hopes this program will integrate leadership training and accountability in all athletes with the expectation of producing sportsmen of greater quality, and the partnering of athletes with students that need academic help will build moral and motive students to strive for higher academic achievement.

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