Less Busy, Better Life

Everyone appears to be busy doing one thing or the other. People seem to be working every single minute of their life. The quality of life that people are leading has considerably gone down. Being too busy can lead one to neglect their wellbeing which in turn results into lack of peace and joy in life. One’s peace of mind should be a priority.

One can be busy all the time, but this does not necessarily mean they are productive. When one does not pay attention to one’s wellbeing, it can reduce one’s productivity in the workplace. Spending a lot of hours working may not mean that one is working smart which is more important.

To do list

One way of preventing busy from ruining one’s life is by having a to-do list. Listing things that have to get done at a particular time will make one focus on accomplishing them. By having a to-do list, one can eliminate unnecessary activities that tie up one’s time.

When creating this list, it is important to focus on the most important activities. People find it difficult to prioritize things since everything seems urgent. The secret is to list what must be done at that particular time.

Productivity Journal

Keeping a productivity journal is also an excellent tool to ensure that being busy is not ruining one’s life.  One may list their career goals and assess whether their activities focus on achievement of these aims. 

A productivity journal will help one focus on things that will enable achievement of their goals in life. Channeling one’s effort on the listed activities will lead to a focused approach to tasks.

Fun Activities

Another way is creating a schedule of events that allocates time to things that are not related to work. Creating time for fun activities is crucial to ensuring that a busy lifestyle does not ruin one’s life. Such activities should be fun and fulfilling. During this period, one can meditate or exercise or even join a club that engages in social activities like golfing.

Switch off the phone

Turning Off the phone may seem difficult, but it is an easy way of getting to do something else other than work. Phones have become a constant companion for the working class. They are always beeping with alerts whether emails, calls, and texts. Switching off the phone can help one enjoy some time free from work and focus on their wellbeing.

Family Time

Creating time out of one’s busy schedule to be with family is also helpful. One can set a specific day to be with family without any interruptions from work exclusively. By doing so, one can use the time to catch up with what the kids have been up to.

It is during such family time that one can get to learn anything that may be bothering the kids. One can set an hour for dinner every day where everyone in the household must attend.

Choose Tasks

Being smart about the tasks one undertakes is also helpful. One should focus more on the quality of work rather than the quantity. Smart goals lead to better productivity.

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