It’s Who You Are

When I look at the things going on around our nation, it truly breaks my heart. It seems like every day we are going down this crazy spiral. Division, hatred, racism, and evil are all becoming the norm. So how do we teach our kids what is right when the world is screaming at them that unity, love, and hope are ridiculous expectations?

I, along with many other moms, wonder if I am doing it right. I worry about the world they are going to grow up in. Right now, they are in the Carter Family Bubble and it shields them from so much on the outside. Someday, though, they will be going into schools with children who have a totally different normal than they do. How they respond to others will be a direct reflection of the things we have taught them while they were in our bubble.

If you are from Marshall, or a smaller city/town like it, we have this idea that bad things won’t happen here. How blind are we to not realize that things are already happening here? Evil is already present. Damage has been done.

As a teacher, I have had many families come into my life, there are hurting children and hurting families. There are families who have it together. There are families who love each other without questions. Then there are students who enter my room craving love that they simply wish they had at home. They are taught to fight and hold grudges.

My family is interracial and daily I pray for safety. I am white. My husband is black. My boys are mixed. One has a darker skin tone and the other….well, he is more pale than I am! It would be ignorant of me to say that racism or profiling doesn’t exist, because it most definitely does. Is it wrong that I don’t want my children to live in fear because of their skin color? I know they have to be aware of things that are going on. I know that someday someone will come at them with hate because of their skin color. They are currently too little to realize when people look at our beautiful family with disgust because we don’t match. Thank God it doesn’t happen often, but it happens.

My brother is a white police officer. He is a good hearted servant of his community. He loves people and loves Jesus. I also pray for safety and protection for him daily because of the negative light that has been placed on police officers as a whole. Every time he puts on his uniform he has to go into a world that has put him under an umbrella as someone who is corrupt and dangerous.

So, here I am, in the middle of two communities that are constantly colliding negatively. I love and support both communities.I want my kids to have realistic expectations of what is out there. I also want my kids to follow the rules of the authorities. Yet,I want them to live freely.

I worry about this all the time. However, the other day God gave me a light! My precious boy was sitting in his carseat requesting that I play “it too you are” which is my sons way of saying the line it’s who you are in Chris Tomlin’s Good Good Father. I turned it on and that baby was singing his heart out. That is when it hit me. It doesn’t matter what is going on in this world. Jesus IS a GOOD GOOD Father.

He is the answer to all of my worries. He will be with my husband as he goes out. He will be with my children as the grow. He will be with my brother as he goes to work each day. I have no need to worry about everything.

My responsibility is that my children know how to approach people. They will know that grace gets them further than hate. They will know that Jesus brings light to the darkness. They will know that He brings hope. They will know that despite what the world teaches them, Jesus is all that they need.

They will be taught to love God, love people, to show grace and compassion. They will be taught to stand firm in what they believe. Parents, we have a huge responsibility. This Momma’s heart may not be able to stop all worry, but at the end of the day, no matter what happens, God is in control.

I will let Him do His thing!

My time to trust!

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