Jonathan McCarty

Editorial: Community gathers to help care for library

By Jonathan McCarty, Special Contributor

13275860_10153833326895000_2108195464_nMARSHALL – Well, today is a warm, sunny day. It’s beautiful. Birds are singing, squirrels are running around. And, amidst that all, city crews are working at the Marshall Public Library.
But, not just the city crews. The Friends of the Marshall Public Library group planned a 1-day maintenance activity at the Library. The offer to help was extended to the group, Forward Marshall, as well as anyone else who was interested.People responded.
Some of you may be familiar with the issues at the Library. But, if you aren’t, then a short list is there are ceiling tiles needing to be replaced, light fixture covers which are falling off, a tree hanging over the street as well as causing discoloration to the library’s roof, as well as dead plants lining the walkway.
So, when Mrs Gail Beil asked for help, people like Steven McFarland, Dennis O’Bryant and others stepped up and offered their time and effort to help with the project. The work being planned was shared over Facebook, and rapidly got a lot of attention a lot of people. According to McFarland, there were upwards of 60 people who came to help out. Several city officials stopped by to see the work and to help as well, including the mayor, Eric Neal, City Commissioner Vernia Calhoun, and city support services director, Jack Redmon.
The planned work for today was outlined by Mrs Beil, and consisted of a list of seven different items, all of which are landscaping issues. All of the work was estimated to take at least 6 hours, but according to Steven McFarland, three quarters of it was completed in just under two hours.
Fason Tree Services offered to trim the oak tree that was hanging over the street, and several local businesses donated or offered at 13233218_10153833326935000_1879464031_nreduced cost new greenery for the planters which line the walkway around the Library. Other issues that were being addressed are the brass letters on the main sign; as well as working on a possible irrigation system around the sign itself; as well as water issues on the North side of the building.
Several plants around the Library are going to be removed or replaced, as well. The holly tree and several crepe myrtles around the building have become sick, and will need to go. There are replacements for the crepe myrtles, but sadly the holly will be a total loss.
There is a lot of work being done today, with a lot more that still needs to be done. But, a start is a start. And, paired with the groundbreaking ceremonies yesterday, Marshall is only going to get better.
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