Wiley College Athletics Department creates Athletic Guided Pathway

Ninety-eight percent of student-athletes will go pro in every profession other than sports. To help ensure that its athletes are successful after they graduate from Wiley College, the athletics department created Athletic Guided Pathway.

Mac McConnell, who is an assistant men’s basketball coach and Sophomore Success Academy Coach, created the program – which will assist student-athletes in building a career success plan. Each year will focus on a different aspect of a student-athlete’s guided and career pathway.

Freshmen will identify their skills, interests and passions through the ETS Success Navigators and the Myers Briggs personality test. They will chose their major, set goals using the Southwest model, write their first job interest letter, learn the value of internships, check your credit score, create your web portfolio and engage in volunteerism.

Sophomores will learn how to prepare a winning resume, complete a job application, make sure they are posting appropriate things on their Facebook account, ace a five-minute interview, search for internships, learn how to get the most out of a career fair, engage in volunteerism and update their web portfolios.

“Everyone likes winning,” McConnell said. “We want to help you create a resume that can win against two or three people you are going up against for a job.”

Wiley College Athletics Director Joseph Morale said he hopes his student-athletes will buy into the program.

“Those who really want it are going to get it,” Morale said. “Those who have the mindset that they can play around for two or three years aren’t going to get it and will miss the opportunity of a lifetime. We are going to pour ourselves in to you. We are going to give you every chance to win. It’s up to you, to match that intensity.”

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