TxDOT Approves Millions for Safer Access to Schools, Communities

Projects include sidewalks, bike lanes and safety improvements.

New funding will help pedestrians and bicyclists get better and safer access to schools, public transit and communities across the state.

The Texas Transportation Commission approved $24 million in January for 30 projects across the state that will build sidewalks, shared use paths, bike lanes and other safety features.

This federal funding comes from two different programs. The first is called Transportation Alternatives and includes projects that enhance bicycle and pedestrian safety, provide access to multimodal options and connect important community destinations like schools, jobs, downtowns, commercial areas and medical facilities. These go to rural or small urban areas of the state.

The commission approved 18 projects under this category valued at $15.8 million.

The second funding source comes from the Safe Routes to Schools program. These funds go to projects that encourage safe bicycling and walking for children in elementary and middle schools.

The commission approved 12 projects under this category valued at $8.5 million.

These projects are set to build things like sidewalks, pedestrian bridges, bike lanes and other improvements designed to improved safety.

In the Atlanta District, these projects include:

  1. Project Sponsor: City of Hallsville

Project Name: Hallsville SUP Improvements

Federal Funding Source:  Transportation Alternatives

Project Description: The project will construct a shared use path for bicycle and pedestrian use along Cider Lane from US Highway 80 to Cal Young Road in Hallsville. Improvements will connect Hallsville High School campus with residential neighborhoods and commercial areas.

  1. Project Sponsor: City of New Boston

Project Name: SRTS Downtown Sidewalks

Federal Funding Source:  Transportation Alternatives

Project Description: The project will construct a sidewalk along South Elm Street, North Elm Street, West Lion Drive, Northeast Front Street, and North Ellis Street in New Boston.  Sidewalk improvements will also include accessible curb ramps, pedestrian crossing markings, and a pedestrian bridge over a channel. The sidewalk project will connect New Boston High School with Tapp Park, the Northeast Texas Trail, and downtown.

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