Interview With Byron Butts of Twelve Way Foundation

byronByron E. Butts became the Executive Director of the Twelve Way Foundation at the beginning of November.  Byron was born in Riverside, California but has been a resident of Marshall since he was nine months old.  Mr. Butts is himself a graduate of the Twelve Way program.  He is also a U. S. Navy veteran and is seeking a degree in Sociology through classes at Wiley College.  

Mr. Butts explained that the Twelve Way Foundation is a faith based, non-profit organization located here in Marshall, Texas.  It provides a residential; Christ centered recovery support service for men seeking continued help with their addiction to drugs and/or alcohol.  It has been in existence for over 12 years.  

Byron described how during the first six years the Foundation received many residents that had not been vetted.  There was an effort to accommodate the overflow of inmates from our local jail.  The jail annex was started in 2008 and completed in 2010 providing relief to this situation.  Currently each new resident is vetted to ensure that he has a desire to become sober, is not a violent offender or a sex offender.  Mr. Butts further explained that the last two of these concerns are due to insurance financial exclusions.  

There are three members of the staff that each has a decade of experience.  In addition there is a Board of Directors that oversees the organization.  The financial records of the organization are available for at least the last five years.  The organization recently added a 30-day program that might be beneficial for men that are employed.  This is in addition to the normal six-month program.  

Byron stated that the Foundation has room to house 30 men in single rooms and they currently have 10 vacancies.  They provide a sober and safe environment for men seeking recovery.  The men contribute both financially and with their labor to the Foundation, but it is not sufficient for the current expenses.  Most men arrive at the facility dead broke and the staff provides the residents with encouragement and demonstrates that they are loved by Jesus Christ.  

The organization receives program fees from the residents, donations and some grants, but they still need support.  Certainly financial support would be most welcome in any amount.  They could also use material donations of food, clothing, toiletries and other supplies.  Please call Byron to check with what is needed.  The men could also help with work you might need performed including yard work, carpentry and electrical.  Perhaps you need help hanging Christmas lights.  Perhaps you would be willing to speak about your own experiences.  Byron would welcome an opportunity to speak to your group.  

Byron stated “I know that God has these doors open for that man that is out on the streets using, and has never had a true opportunity for recovery.”  Mr. Butts went on to say “I want to thank the community and all of the individuals for believing in this organization, our programs, and the people.    

Byron can be reached at 903-935-4115 or

Doc Halliday can be reached at

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