2017 Street Improvement Program was approved by the City Commission April 13th, 2017. Revenue for street improvements and in-house repairs amounts to approximately $1,581,807 in 2017 and represents the continued commitment, by the entire City Commission, that street improvement and maintenance projects are a high priority. Segments of 44 streets will be addressed this year as part of a contract awarded by the City Commission to East Texas Bridge of Longview, Texas for the Street Maintenance Sales Tax and General Fund Street segments for $1,322,611.00.


Under the Street Maintenance Sales Tax program, improvements and maintenance projects include: ($506,250)

  • 8 streets and portions of streets will receive a new asphalt overlay surface.


Under the General Fund street program, improvements, maintenance, and in-house projects include: ($1,035,270)

  • 22 streets and portions of streets will receive a new asphalt overlay surface.
  • 11 street and portion of streets will be reconstructed and receive a new asphalt overlay.
  • 1 railroad crossing will be removed and the crossing area reconstructed.
  • In-house brick repairs and signage improvements downtown.
  • Phase I of our in-house signal removal downtown.


Under the Community Development Block Grant street program, improvements and maintenance projects include: ($40,287 and also includes water line improvements on the two streets)

  • 1 street scheduled for reconstruction.
  • 1 street scheduled for new asphalt overlay.


It is also notable that 2017 marks the 5th year of utilizing the “Street Maintenance Sales Tax”, which was previously reapproved by voters, resulting in approximately $506,250 being available from the Sales Tax Fund and funding approximately 32% of all programmed street repairs this year.


Starting late April and early May, continuing for 6 to 8 weeks (depending on weather), there will be traffic interruptions and detours at many of the nearly 44 separate locations all over Marshall. We ask travelers to be patient, as most of the individual street locations will only be impassable or rerouted for very short periods of time. The end result will be greatly improved street surfaces.
If you have any questions or need additional information about the status or schedule of an individual street, please feel free to check or City Webpage at for a detailed listing of each street or call our Public Services office at 903-935-4516.

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