Where are Marshall’s water towers?

dji_0004My wife and I really enjoy traveling.  During our travels we see many cities and towns with tall water towers. These water towers normally have the city name or the name of their high school football team painted on them. This led us to think, “Where are Marshall’s water towers?”

Did you know that Marshall has 2 water towers that can hold a combined total of 2 million gallons of water? Do you know where they are?

Up until a week ago I thought Marshall only had one water tower which is located near the city arena but I was wrong. I am sure that our towers have been strategically placed so as to get the best distribution and elevation in order to supply Marshall’s needs. Unfortunately for us, the water towers are not located near any major roadways. We are sure that if they were, either the Chamber of Commerce, Visitors Bureau or Marshall High Mavericks would proudly display something Marshall on the tower to attract passers by.

Enjoy the short video (best watched full screen )

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