Twelve Way Foundation director says volunteers are welcome

4By Becky Holland,

MARSHALL – The Twelve Way Foundation in Marshall has a simple but profound purpose. From the website,, the mission statement is as follows: “Twelve Way Foundation is a faith based, non-profit organization providing a residential, Christ centered recovery program and support services to men seeking recovery from addiction to alcohol and drugs. Our mission since 2004 has been to provide a safe, sober environment for men who have a sincere desire to change their lives through a relationship with Christ and a program of recovery. “

Zachery Sanders, who has served as the director since 2011, told the Piney Woods News via email that having such an organization in the community is beneficial for many reasons.

“Everyone in our community will continue to be impacted by alcohol & drug related problems. You either are an addict, know an addict or have an addict in your family. Addiction issues will be dealt with on some level by everyone, every day,” Sanders wrote.

“This, as you know, is a growing epidemic,” Sanders said. “Twelve Way is Marshall’s very own reclamation center. This could be your child, husband, uncle, nephew, father, and in some cases, even your grandfather enrolled here.”

“It’s obvious that every community including ours’ benefits from having a place where our men 1can receive help. Without a having local option, it’s always harder on the ones seeking the help for those addicted, and the community as a whole,” he said.

“It is never to late for you to help us, “ Sanders said. “Volunteers for the program side are welcomed, but must have program knowledge to best assist our men. They would need to first learn our course material before assisting in that area.”

Sanders continued, “But our need for skilled labor volunteers is always in high demand, since we have an aging building. Plumbers, electricians, a/c and heating and anyone with construction experience would be welcomed. We need mechanics for our vehicles, as we transport men to and from work, so that kind of volunteering is a big need.”

“Properly maintaining the rides without it costing us an arm and leg for labor is challenging,” He said.

Donations of twin comforters, sheets, canned and other food items, toiletries and anything related to taking care of a large household would be appreciated.”

Those wishing to help as a volunteer or to make a donation should call the Twelve Way Foundation at 903-935-4115. Office hours are Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

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