TCEQ to conduct third quarter 2019 water distribution system sampling September 9

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality will conduct third quarter 2019 water distribution sampling on Monday, Sept. 9. The testing is conducted to ensure that the city’s water is in compliance with required TCEQ standards.
After the sampling is complete and due to low chlorine residuals in the distribution system, the city will convert chloramines back to free chlorine as a measure of improving and maintaining water quality for two weeks beginning Tuesday, Sept. 10. The City of Marshall currently uses chloramines (a combination of free chlorine and ammonia) to disinfect its drinking water supply prior to distributing it to our customers. This is a reliable disinfection process that has been recommended by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality for systems predominately treating surface waters, such as those comprising the majority of Marshall’s water supply.
“This is a normal practice that we do two to three times per year, usually during the summer months, as the warmer water causes more of a chlorine demand,” said Assistant Public Works Director Nancy Pasel.
Some individuals may notice taste and odor changes and a slight discoloration to the water. The city will implement directional flushing, combined with routine water monitoring, as measures to remove iron particles from water lines and to maintain the highest water quality for our customers during the conversion. However, some iron particles may still make it into customers’ service lines despite the city’s efforts. Customers who experience discoloration should temporarily flush faucets, tubs and toilets until their water has cleared.
Periodic pressure drops may also be experienced due to the city’s extensive flushing efforts. Noticeable water quality changes associated with conversions are normally short-lived and are not associated with public health risks.
Customers can safely consume and use their drinking water as normal during the conversion period.
If customers have questions about this process, they may contact the Public Works Department at 903-935-4516.

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