Super Load Slows Traffic in Panola, De Berry, Carthage, Lakeport and Longview

Edwards Moving and Rigging, Shelbyville,KY will begin moving a very tall Cold Box from The Port of Caddo-Bossier to Eastman Chemical in Longview, TX.


Panola, TX, July 17, 2016: Edwards Moving and Rigging will begin moving a very tall Cold Box from The Port of Caddo-Bossier this Friday at 9:00AMand plans to cross into Texas Sunday morning 7/17/2016. The convoy of men and equipment will average 5 MPH each day for 3 days as it passes through Texas. The transporter will have one truck pulling and one truck pushing the combined weight of 593,726 lbs. We encourage everyone to avoid the transport route on Sunday,Monday and Tuesday. The traffic will have minor slowdowns with high congestion.


Route and Time Line:


Sunday 7/17/2016

o 8:00AM – Enters Texas at 79 from Louisiana heading South

o 8:30AM – Transporter passes through Panola, TX

o 11:00AM – Transporter nears De Berry, TX.

o 2:00PM – Transporter parks between De Berry and Carthage for the evening.


Monday 7/18/2016

o 6:30AM – Transporter will start again

o 7:00AM – Transporter continues towards Carthage at NE Loop (La Salle)

o 10:30AM – Transporter will turn right onto Route 59 towards Marshall, TX

o 1:30PM – Transporter will turn North on 959 near Tatum, TX

o 2:30PM – Transporter will turn left on 43 towards Tatum, TX

o 4:00PM – Transporter parks in Tatum, TX overnight

Tuesday 7/19/2016

o 6:30AM – Transporter will start again moving North from Tatum,TX

o 8:30AM – Transport past Knox Lee Power Plant

o 11:00AM – Transporter crosses Sabine River on 149 towards Longview, TX

o 2:00PM – Transporter arriving at Callahan Rd/Eastman Chemical entrance


Size of Equipment: 275’4”L X 18’W X 23’9”H X 593,726 lbs.


Conclusion: Edwards Moving and Rigging will be moving a very tall piece of equipment and will have multiple utility and electric companies raising wires, along with 5-10 police officers assisting . It is highly recommended to avoid the streets mentioned above if possible.

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