Road Signs

Road signs are everywhere.  Take a trip with children and you will be sure to find exactly how many road signs are along your route.  There are signs for speed limits, danger or caution, interesting and historic sites, hospitals, libraries, and road construction to only list a few.  Where I live there are deer crossing signs in all along my street. Do you heed the signs along your path?  If not, you are likely to be pulled over for not obeying them.  Perhaps, you will find yourself lost if you have ignored the highway and street signs.  How often we ignore the signs designed to lead us in our quest for optimal health.  Have you passed by the “Eat more vegetables” sign, read it, but decided that it must not apply to you? What about the, “Exercise for 30 minutes a day” sign or the “Drink water” sign? Miss the directions signs and you can often end up facing the Caution or Danger signs.  “High Blood Pressure”, “High Blood Sugar” and ‘High Bad Cholesterol” are the caution sign that many people drive by on their way to a health crisis.  

As we make our way through the tangle of trails that make up our lives, we often avoid the danger warnings and speed headlong to the destinations of diabetes, heart disease and stress overload. Enjoy life! Pay attention to the signs and stay on the road that leads to health.

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