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RISE – The Art of William Putnam

The Who’s who of Marshall gathered last night to enjoy the Rise exhibition, the art of William Putnam. Will created a high end gallery feel at the Marshall visual art center. His vibrant and unique multi medium art pieces graced the gallery for all to see. “Out of this world”, was one of the comments overheard.  Will was on hand to explain his vision and inspiration for each piece. His passion was evident as he spoke about his art.  At least 300 visitors turned out to enjoy the evening. Will’s wife, Shauna was the ever gracious hostess. Delicious food and refreshments were served and people mingled and marveled at the magnitude and detail of some of his pieces.

“I am thrilled to see his work out for people to enjoy. I’ve been watching his collection grow in our home over time and now people can enjoy it and it’s fantastic”, said Cannon, Will and Shauna’s son. Will also displayed the works of his father, his inspiration, as well as some pieces drawn by his son.  3 generations representing very different styles.  Talent abounds in their genes, no doubt about it!   Comments were very positive from the guests. “I think the gallery was fantastic. It was brilliant to see such talent come from our community. Will’s work was bold. It’s so much more than just paintings on a wall” said Gareth Juays of Marshall. Others felt that Marshall is a small town for such big talent and that Will should expand his showings to nearby cities. A picture is worth a thousand words. I’d like to let the art speak for itself.

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