Q and A with Bryan Partee of the Boys & Girls Club of the Big Pines

bryan parteeBy Becky Holland, pineywoodsnews@yahoo.com

MARSHALL -Bryan Partee, executive director of the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Big Pines, has been an instrumental force since 2005 in helping the children and youth of Harrison County.

While working with his dad at Quadratechnologies, Partee was approached by a Rotary colleague, Frank Dias, about a position with the Boys & Girls Club of Harrison County/ “They were in need of an executive director. Because I worked closely with my dad, he was actually approached about it. My dad was supportive, and I went through the interview process and was hired.”

Partee was sent a list of questions about the Boys & Girls Club of the Big Pines, and below are his responses.(Thanks, Bryan for taking the time!)

PWN: What are the benefits of having a Boys & Girls Club in the community?
Bryan Partee: The Club gives kids a controlled, safe place and something to
do after school each day.

PWN: How can citizens help the club
Bryan Partee:: Of course, donors are always appreciated – and keep in mind we have ways, like the Kid’s Fund, where you can do $25 per month and help us change lives. We always can use volunteers whether you have a particular
skill to teach, whether you want to coach, serve as a mentor, or whether you
want to just help out.

PWN: What are ways that citizens can volunteer?
Bryan Partee: Just stop by the Club and tell us what you want to do and
what your time schedule is like. Fill out a volunteer application and we
will get you started. We do want you to commit to something in the interest
of the kids – it can be once per month, once every other week … whatever
works with you. We had volunteers teach harmonica, cooking and crocheting.

PWN: Do citizens who volunteer have to go through training?
Bryan Partee:We do a background check and give a brief orientation.

PWN: Benefits of being a volunteer?
Bryan Partee: Well, the appreciation of a child is better than anything you
can imagine. Also knowing that you are doing something to help kids is a
really great thing – thinking beyond yourself.

PWN: Contact who if you want to volunteer?
Bryan Partee: Call Shelly at the Club (903) 935-2030. She schedules

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