Proof that crime does pay

Chief Jesus “Eddie” Campa and the Marshall Police Department are proud to announce this  week’s Mvp’s, Officer Lakeldrick Adams and the Harrison County District Attorney’s Office. Officer Adams currently serves as the K-9 Officer on the Marshall Criminal Apprehension Team.

While working narcotics interdiction, Officer Adams attempted to stop a vehicle for a traffic  violation. The vehicle refused to stop and fled from Officer Adams. Officer Adams pursued the  vehicle and was able to apprehend the driver. As a result of that traffic stop, Officer Adams  located and seized a large amount of narcotics and cash.

The case report was sent to the Harrison County District Attorney’s Office for review and  prosecution. Due to the many hours of preparation and hard work, the District Attorney’s Office  was awarded the money located during the stop, which was deemed to be the proceeds of  narcotic activity. The funds were released to the Harrison County District Attorney for  distribution under the state of Texas seizure laws. On December 12, 2015, Harrison County  District Attorney Coke Solomon delivered a check to the Marshall Police Department. The check  will be placed into a fund used to combat the use and sale of narcotics in our city.

Chief Jesus “Eddie” Campa would like to acknowledge the hard work of both Officer Adams and  the Harrison County District Attorney’s Office. “This is a perfect example of two separate entities  working together to achieve one goal. I would like to commend Officer Adams and the Harrison  County District Attorney’s Office, not only for the work on this particular case, but for all the hard work they do day in and day out. It is with great honor that I name Officer Lakeldrick  Adams and the Harrison County District Attorney’s Office this weed’s Mvp’s”.

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