Optimal Living -Good Health- Part 2 of 2

Now that you are on the path to good health do you know how to get to the destination?  My grandchildren are fascinated with the cartoon called Dora the Explorer.  What is the key to Dora’s success?   Why it is the map of course!  They carefully memorize the landmarks to remember on her route to complete her adventure.  There are many landmarks to find on the way to good health.  Have you stopped along your path and considered what you are using for fuel?   If not, it is time to reevaluate and make the changes necessary.  Find one thing you can improve and do it.  For me it is making sure I don’t put too much creamer in my coffee. By cutting back twice a day I can save approximately a hundred calories.  It doesn’t seem like much but in a year it will add up to 10 lbs. that I do or don’t gain.  Did I need to change everything about how I eat all at once?  No. But I will be able to make this change a part of a lifestyle that can be continued for more than a few weeks.  Step by step we can make our plan and walk it out.  Setting aside ten minutes for activity three times a day can have lasting health benefits.  We all can find ten minutes to invest in our future well-being! It is up to you to make your plan, map your route and get going on your way to good health in our quest for optimal living.

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