Optimal Health 5

Every new endeavor holds the promise of great accomplishment and the possibility of disappointing setbacks. All of us have experienced both outcomes in life.  The key to producing positive results is found in how we react to our situation.  Circumstances may seem to be in control.. However, it is our response that dictates how much we allow such situations to effect our lives.   

Every weekday I run into one such incident that offers me a opportunity to make a choice. .  Twice daily, for what has been months, I must travel in the construction on HWY 59 and Loop 390.  I feel the frustration even as I type these letters. I think to myself ,”How many times do they have to pave it, rip it up, repave it, rip it up and do it all again before they get it right?”   By letting the circumstances control me, I am allowing myself to be overwhelmed with stress, anger, frustration and impatience.  Am I justified in feeling upset? Perhaps, but what price am I  willing to pay for such a response?   

Heart disease, stroke, anxiety, high blood pressure and a whole list of health risks?    I have the choice.  I can choose to see the delay as an opportunity for time to pause and listen to music, enjoy taking a moment to pray or even listen to a book.   Do you turn your circumstances into positive or negative experiences? You have the choice!

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