New online website set for Piney Woods area

This week, a new source of news for the Piney Woods area – more specifically for Marshall, Jefferson, Hallsville and surrounding communities in Texas, was launched.

The Piney Woods News will be an online community news site which will cover all local news in the cities of Marshall, Jefferson, Hallsville, and the surrounding communities.

Becky HollandAccording to Becky Holland, the PWN will publish stories once a week for the first few months, though breaking news and weather alerts will be updated daily. “It will be a new adventure for a bit, so we will operate as simply as possible,” she said. Stories will be archived on the site, and businesses will be able to advertise. “There will be no subscription costs for the news site, but to be able to keep it going, we will need community businesses to support us.”

Community organizations, churches, schools and governing agencies are encouraged to submit news and photos to the website. Businesses can present stories about their employees and services they provide as well. “We won’t have the staff power to be everywhere, so we will rely on the community to let us know what is going on, give us their news and allow us to provide them with quality service in real time,” Holland said.

Tony JuaysTony Juays will be serving as publisher and webmaster of the Piney Woods News, while Holland will serve in editorial and sales. “We have been chatting about this idea for a while – putting out an online news site that positively promotes Marshall and the surrounding communities, while at the same time, reporting the important local news fairly and accurately with no slanting or favoritism shown,” Holland commented.

Juays said, “I have had the desire to have a website that promotes Marshall, as well as the businesses in the area, for a very long time. Back in 2007, I launched website with that goal in mind.”

“Unfortunately I lacked the ability to generate content,  but now with combining my experience with Becky’s journalism experience, I believe that the  Piney Woods News will fulfill my vision I had nearly 10 years ago. This has been a long time coming, and something that has been researched for a long time,” Juays added.

“People want their news fast, they want it quick, but they still want that feel of a community newspaper. You know, when they can feel like they know what is going on, that they are there in that meeting or feel like they know the person who is the subject of the story,” Holland said.

“The PWN will not be competition for the other media outlets that are here locally. I have much respect for the local media in Marshall, Jefferson, Hallsville and surrounding areas. We just want to be a positive addition, or  I guess I should say, another source to get the Piney Woods’ news out there,” Holland continued.

“I lived in Marshall two years now, and traveled the area, and all I can say is that there are plenty of stories of interest out there for all of the media outlets to share,” Holland added.

For more information about the Piney Woods News, call (903)471-6473 or email

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