MPD Warns of Gas Pump Skimmers

The Marshall Police Department is warning the public about gas pump skimmers.

Unlike previous advisories, these recent skimming devices are placed inside the pump itself instead of on the outside of the machine. Citizens are strongly encouraged to remain vigilant when using a credit or debit card at gas pumps. One step residents can take to help avoid falling victim to this crime is to enable Bluetooth on their smartphone and have it search for any unusual signals before swiping a card at the gas pump. If any signal comes back from the gas pump, the pump should not be used. Citizens are also encouraged to keep a close watch on their bank accounts and to notify their bank immediately if they notice any suspicious activity on their account. Here are some more tips for protection against these skimming devices:

  • If the anti-tampering seal is broken contact store management immediately and don’t use the machine.
  • Use debit cards as credit. Since credit option doesn’t require a PIN the purchaser has more protection.
  • Cover the keys while entering your debit/credit password.
  • Ask your financial institution to pair geolocation software with your card. This feature tracks the location of both your card and phone.
  • Make payments inside with cashier.


To report a potential skimming device, please call the Marshall Police Department at 903-935-4575.

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