MISD Statement on Investigation Into Threat Involving MHS and MISD Admin

Marshall ISD Police and other law enforcement agencies continue to investigate the source and circumstances of Thursday’s series of threatening phone calls made to both Marshall High School and MISD Administration Building, according to Superintendent Dr. Jerry Gibson.

The incident caused the entire district to go on lockdown status for nearly two hours Thursday but ultimately was lifted in the early afternoon after law enforcement deemed it safe to go back on regular daily schedules.

Investigators are still following several leads as of Friday morning, but Gibson stated that none of those leads involve any MISD employee or their families.

“Absolutely not,” Gibson said. “We are confident that this threat did not originate from any MISD employee or any member of their family.”

Gibson went on to commend staff and students for their actions during the incident, and stressed that the district is prepared to prosecute anyone found to have had anything to do with the threat to the fullest extent of the law.

“I am proud of the reactions and behavior of all our staff, administration and students during the lockdown,” Gibson said. “Our number one priority, every day here in MISD, is to keep our students and employees safe. We realize for some of our students that this can be an intense time, but our teachers and staff are trained to protect and serve our children, with the number one goal of assuring their safety. Once we assessed the situation we deemed it was necessary to go ahead and place all of our facilities on lockdown and on alert, although the only direct calls were made to MHS and our MISD Administration Building.

“We will continue this investigation and follow every lead, and ultimately we will prosecute anyone found to be responsible.”

MISD and law enforcement will continue to monitor all campuses today and an increased police presence will remain at MHS as a further precaution.

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