MISD Staff Member of the past two Weeks

MISD Staff Member of the Week – Stacy Hodge, Carver Elementary (Oct. 21, 2016)
Congratulations Stacy Hodge and thanks for all you do to make MISD a great place! Pictured with Ms. Hodge and her students are Mr. Loyed Jones, Principal, Russell Wilson and Kristin Skinner with Patterson Toyota.

This week’s Patterson Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram and Patterson Toyota MISD Staff Member of the week is Stacy Hodge, Instructional Aide, from George Washington Carver Elementary School. Mr. Loyed Jones, Principal at Carver Elementary, shared that “Stacy is a committed, reliable, and a highly productive member of the Carver team. She created a monthly celebration of birthdays to help improve campus culture. She also provides intervention to a small groups during Prime Time for kindergarten through 4th grades. Her strong relationships with students allow her to motivate them to work hard. Whether large group or small group, Carver is blessed to have Stacy Hodge.”

MISD Staff Member of the Week – Cindy Burkham, South Marshall STEM Academy (Oct. 28, 2016)

Pictured with with Ms. Burkham are Mr. Jerry Hancock, principal, Ms. Collazo and her 4th grade students, Kristin Skinner and Stacy Garrett with Patterson Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram.

This week’s Patterson Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram and Patterson Toyota MISD Staff Member of the week is Cindy Burkham, principal’s secretary at South Marshall STEM Academy. Surprising someone who sits at a desk right behind the front desk is impossible. So we snuck to Ms. Collazo’s 4th grade class and buzzed the office to send Ms. Burkham down, and she was there is a flash. When asked to share what makes Ms. Burkham so great, Jerry Hancock, Principal at SME STEM Academy, said that “Cindy takes the initiative to participate in every event on campus. She manages the office without any issue. She is kind to students and teachers and is always the first one to step up to help out. She goes the extra mile for South Marshall in everything we do. We could not be successful without her efforts daily and she is a pleasure to work with daily.” Congratulations Ms. Burkham and thank you for all you do for the staff and students at South Marshall STEM Academy.””

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