MISD Shattered Dreams 2017

With the cooperation of many different organizations in our area (listed below) we are proud to announce this year’s Shattered Dreams projects for MISD Junior and Senior students.


Shattered Dreams is a program that helps students realize not only do their actions while operating a vehicle have consequences for them but can have everlasting effects on many others including innocent victims.  The Shattered Dreams project is spearheaded by the MISD School Health Advisory Committee (SHAC) which is a volunteer committee comprised of student parents and professional partners of the MISD.  It purpose is to promote the positive growth, both mentally and physically, of our students.

In past years the Shattered Dreams project was focused on the devastating results drinking and driving.  The SHAC has chosen to focus this year’s project on Distracted Driving.  Distracted Driving has become an epidemic in America, however, the data about it is lacking.  Unlike a DWI, where the physical evidence can be proven, with distracted driving, you must have a confession of it or a witness to it. At this time, there are no specific laws against texting and driving in Texas.  Because of these facts, we have chosen to try and educate our students about the dangers of distracted driving.

The program the students are going to participate in has not been announced to them.  They will arrive at the scene of mock, yet very realistic, accident outside the entrance of the Marshall Convention Center just after noon Thursday, April 20th.  They will see a live response to the accident from police, fire, and EMS.  You could see a large response from emergency services in the area of the Convention Center, do not be alarmed.  Afterward, students will return to the auditorium to watch a student made film of the events leading up to the accident and the results thereafter.  Finally, the students will hear from Speaker Jeff Weinstein. Weinstein is an attorney from Athens that has taken a personal stand against distracted driving.

All media personnel are encouraged to attend.  This is a great chance to see public safety in action and help the Shattered Dream project take a stand against distracted driving.


The National Safety Council has proclaimed April as Distracted Driving Awareness Month.







Feel free to contact me if you need any further information.


Here is a list of the many entities that are collectively involved in this project:


  • Texas Department of Public Safety
  • Texas Department of Transportation
  • Marshall Independent School District
  • Harrison County District Attorney’s Office
  • Marshall Fire Department
  • Harrison County Sheriff’s Department
  • Marshall Police Department
  • Honorable Jim Ammerman II
  • Marshall ISD Police Department
  • Harrison County ESD 3
  • City of Marshall
  • ETBU Drama Department
  • MISD School Health Advisory Committee
  • East Texas Medical Center Air 1
  • Meadowbrook Funeral Home
  • East Texas Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse
  • Jeff Weinstein – NoDD
  • El Mexicano Auto Parts
  • MHS Drama Club
  • Ronnie’s Wreckers Service
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