Marshall High School graduated 300 plus Friday night.

Warwick Photos

Marshall seniors celebrate graduation

Jeff Ford (MISD Photos)
Jeff Ford was honored at graduation.

By Becky Holland,

MARSHALL: Apprehension over the possibility of continuous rain had administration, staff and students at Marshall High School wondering if graduation would be held indoors or out up until a few hours before the event.

The storms stopped long enough to allow the ceremony to take place in the football stadium.

With a little less than 400 graduates, the graduation was pulled off with no obvious hitches. Marshall High School’s Jeff Ford was named as the Cason Westmoreland Memorial Most Influential Teacher.

Helen Warwick, president of the Marshall Independent School District Board of Trustees, raved on the ceremony.

“We have to give the spotlight to our maintenance staff for getting the field set up on a very short timeline,” Warwick said appreciatively.

To the high school graduates, Warwick said, “We are proud of what you have accomplished, and we look forward to seeing what you accomplish next.”


MISD Board of Trustees and acting school superintendent (Warwick Photos)
MISD Board of Trustees and acting school superintendent (Warwick Photos)


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