Marshall citizens prove phones used for more than chatting

As technology today is ever changing and advancing, one must be up on all the techniques, new ‘toys’ and how to use them.

Take the cell phone for an example. The device was once used just for emergency conversations – or conversations with voices I should say. Now, people text, find directions, check out news, watch television and movies, communicate with friends on social media and take pictures with their phones, as well as videos.

Interestingly enough, some of the best photos taken by today’s top photographers or news photographers have come from their cell phone.

A group of Marshall citizens were asked recently what was the last thing they took a photo of on their phone and why.

When you traveling in Marshall- there is no telling what you might see on the road as two major highways and an Interstate fly through here. You could see military convoys, motorcycles, dune buggies or even what Melissa Haynes saw today – a Volkswagon bus pulling a matching trailer. “My husband said I might as well take a picture of it because that is not something you see everyday.”

Melissa Haynes snapped this VFW van and trailer traveling through Marshall.

Samuel Thompson had a photo of a historical headstone. “I took my family to the Marshall Cemetery for a walk through  to view our heritage. My son, Elijah, is 10 years old, and  he needs to be aware of the history that Marshall has in the Civil War. We took a lot of pictures,” Thompson said. 

Samuel Thompson snapped a photo of this historic grave.

Stephanie Allison had pictures of choir students in front of Chili’s Restaurant. “It was proof that our students were working hard for our fundraiser last week.”

Stephanie Allison snapped photos of her high school choir students at a fundraiser.

Other pictures included photos of a new baby, of a pet, tire tracks, selfies, cute napping children, the Baylor Men’s Choir singing at the high school this week, and various other sundry things.

Melinda Gauldin, who with her husband, Richard, owns and operates Meadowbrook Funeral Home, posted a photo of the sign for “Uncertain.”  Her reason?  Gauldin said it was “to prove to some people there really is a town with this name. We had a death certificate rejected because I showed this as the individual’s place of residence.”

Melinda Gauldin snapped a photo of the Uncertain city limits sign.

What is the last thing you took a photo of?


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