Longview – CERT Training Begins March 20th

This CERT training is open for anyone who would like to take it. The class is free and you have to attend every class to get your certificate. Once you have your certificate you can apply to join a CERT team where ever you live. The teams close by are, Longview/Gregg County CERT, Henderson CERT, and Smith County CERT.

Longview Fire Department is hosting Community Emergency Response Training beginning on March 20, 2017. This initial training prepares attendees to become volunteers on the local team. The training will include: disaster preparedness, fire safety, disaster medical operations, search and rescue, team organization, disaster technology and other topics. The training will take place at the Longview Fire Training Center, 411 American Legion Blvd., Longview, Texas.

Since 2009, the department has sponsored a civilian-based Community Emergency Response Team. The team is comprised of interested residents who desire to become involved with emergency response, and who wish to offer assistance when dealing with disastrous situations in an effort to return stability back to our community. Members of this 20-person team receive specialized training in disaster preparedness, fire safety, medical triage & disaster medical operations, search & rescue, and terrorism preparedness & response. As the Fire Department is responsible for the Emergency Operations of the City, the CERT team stands ready as a prepared group to assist in times of resource limitations and response overload.

Training Schedule: 

6pm-9pm on March 20th, 22nd, 24th, 27th, 29th & 31st

Sign Up for CERT Training by calling Contact Carolyn Morton at 903-240-6696 or emailing carolynmorton@sbcglobal.net

Learn more about CERT Programs and how they help our community at http://www.fema.gov/cert/

2017 March CERT Basic Training Flyer

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