Local mom shares favorite memories of dad

JennyKerrIf you asked wife and mother of two, Jenny Kerr, 38, of Marshall, what her best childhood memory was, she would say, “Twinkie Parties.” According to Jenny, it all started with her dad. “My dad worked the evening shift at GM, so my brothers and I rarely saw him during the week.”

“Occasionally, he would wake us when he got home from work around 12 – 2 a.m. We would eat Twinkies and drink milk with him. Twinkie parties were always random, never a set day, could be a school night, or just whenever they happened,” Jenny said.

Is there anything that Jenny would do-over in life, she says no. “Do-over doesn’t really apply to me. Even with my ‘mistakes,’ and I’ve made plenty, have taught me things, and led me to where I am now. I guess if I had to come up with something, it would be really watching my grandfather bake and personally writing the recipes. His copies of recipes always seem to be missing something,” she said.

For free time, Jenny laughed. “What’s that? When I have free time, it is usually spent in front of the TV or reading. A Sunday afternoon nap is also a favorite.”

Her five most favorite possessions are her family Bible, her engagement ring, a family photo box, a China Cabinet and her Starbucks’ card.

When asked to define the term, “good news,” Jenny thought for a moment. “That’s tough, and some of the things I am thinking of seem trite. There is the Gospel from the Bible for sure. There’s also the daily bits of good news like ‘Tomorrow’s temperature is going to be in the 70’s.’ There’s bigger pieces of good news for which I can celebrate with others, like a friend beating cancer or another getting out of debt.”

“Good news is really a way of looking for the silver lining in everything,” Jenny said.

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