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January 2017 Food Pantry

Thank you, Misty, for this update.

Good Afternoon Friends:

It ended up being quite the busy month! Thank you for your service.

Our numbers for January are located at the bottom of this email.

In recent days, I’ve been discussing with my son what it means to guard our your heart. Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it. Proverbs 4:23. It really hit home for me personally and as I looked at our work. Sometimes we carry something with us when we enter Mission Marshall’s doors and our heart is heavy, hurting, or distracted by concerns. Sometimes our heart is still tender or healing from a wound that was painful and we are still operating out of pain, not healing. Our heart’s definitely have the tendency to run away! I find myself praying for awareness that I would know where my heart is at and make course corrections throughout my day. I challenge you to pray for that awareness as well. And to watch for and keep out attitudes, words, situations that can take up residence in our hearts, but are really unwanted guests for the Christ-follower. I half-tease sometimes that someone’s yucky spiritual residue rubbed off on me when I encounter them. Let’s make sure that if we’re rubbing off on those around us that it is good and pleasant. Tending our hearts is a good place to start.

January Numbers
Total Households – 882
New Households -35
Total Individuals – 3088

Households Represent
1013 –  children
1572 – adults non senior
503 – seniors

12,427 pounds of purchased food
8,866 pounds donated food

Thank you again for your service!


Misty Scott

Mission Marshall
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