I found possibly the oddest pet-themed product on the market

13087684_262784417402283_4992889822878686785_nBy Becky Holland, editor@pineywoods.news

MARSHALL – Dogs have taken over our world it seems. Everywhere you look there are some kind of dog products.for sale. There are dog books, books about dogs, books for dogs, dog clothes, clothes for dog lovers, dog jewelry, dog socks, dog jackets and dog toys. Not to mention the plethora of varieties of dog food and snacks that are on sale.
It is a dog world. I shouldn’t be surprised by the types of products that are out there that are dog-motivated or dog-themed. What I saw this past week at Marshall’s Tractor Supply did cause me to take a double take and roll my eyes a bit.

The product was in one of the “tables” close to the register where the store puts in clearance items or popular items.  Are you ready? It is ‘ dog poo  hide-a-key.’  Yes, you read it right. It is simulated dog poo to hide your valuables or key.

Made by LixIt, the dog poo hide-a-key provides a great way to securely hide your key in plain sight.  Think about it. Being locked out of your home is frustrating, but hiding a spare key can also be kind of difficult. Criminals will look in the mailbox, under the mat or even in spots that you thought were secrets.

Who would forget hiding a key in dog poo?  From above it looks like fecal matter from a dog, but there is a hidden compartment to hide key or other valuables.

I stared at the package while waiting in line. The package said, “A safe place to hide your spare key. No one will ever suspect.” Before I realized it, I had picked up the package and put it on the counter.Yes, I bought it.

Dog poo hide-a-key – wonder what they will think of next. Go grab your “poo” today at Tractor Supply.




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